Area S: Central Service and Administration Projects

This area comprises service projects and administrative projects. Subproject S1 maintains and provides several testbeds for DAW development and repositories of real-life DAWs and real-life provenance traces.

S1: Testbeds and Repositories (Kao, Leser)
This service subproject will provide and manage distributed computational infrastructures, data sets, and DAWs for usage in all subprojects of the CRC. In particular, it will (a) maintain and grant access to different DAW infrastructures at the participating institutions, (b) collect and develop a rich set of real-life DAWs accompanied by real-life data sets and results for benchmarking and testing, (c) collect and maintain a large set of real-life execution traces to enable realistic evaluations for research in DAW provenance, and (d) maintain a collaborative development environment for continuous deployment and test of DAWs on different systems.

S2: Integrated Research Training Group (Grunske, Reinert)
The integrated research training group  of our CRC provides structured scientific training for all PhD students involved in or associated to the CRC. The IRTG will coordinate all aspects of scientific and interdisciplinary training, which will range from soft skills and key competencies (scientific writing, presentation techniques, good scientific practice, etc.) to technical and interdisciplinary training for the disciplines addressed in the CRC. Each PhD student will be supervised by a thesis committee, and the IRTG board will continuously oversee the progress of all PhD students.