29+30.04.2021 First Evaluation Workshop of FONDA’s Research Training Group

All PhD students report on their progress and plans.

27.04.2021 Lecture series summer starts

Our summer guest lecture series starts with a presentation by Wilhelm Hasselbring on Software Engineering for Computational Science: Tests, Modules, Domain-Specific Languages, Flows.

23+24.03.2021 Second FONDA retreat

Our first regular retreat – sadly still online. Two more Mercator fellows give keynotes:

  • Marta Matosso: Interpreting results from data analysis workflows: how provenance may help
  • Pierre Defourny: Monitoring in near real time the covid crisis impact on food production by satellite observation: from case studies to current workflow challenges

March+April 2021 Nano courses

Six weeks packed with hands-on courses and tutorials

  • Ulf Leser: Foundations of Data Analysis Workflows
  • Kerstin Helbig: Research Data Management
  • Paolo di Tommaso, Evan Floden: Workshop on Nextflow: Using, administrating, and creating pipelines
  • Melanie Herschel: A survey on provenance
  • Sören Becker: A Short Introduction to the FONDA Reference Stack
  • Pedro Silva, Tilmann Rabl: Foundations of Stream processing / Flink
  • Lars Grunske and Stephan Druskat: Software Carpentry- Software Engineering Principles for Scientific Software
  • Johannes Köster: Snakemake
  • Hans-Peter Eckle: Good Scientific Practize

December 2020 FONDA Teams

FONDA’s teams start their activities. Looking forward to interesting results:

  • Team T1: Foundations for DAW Specifications (speaker: Lars Grunske)
  • Team T2: Provenance Management for DAWs (speaker; Matthias Weidlich)
  • Team T3: Validity Constraints for DAWs (speaker: Ulf Leser)
  • Team T4: Visual Monitoring of DAWs (speaker: Odej Kao)
  • Team T5: DAW Benchmarking (speaker: Tilmann Rabl

16+17.11.2020 Kick-Off

FONDA’s kick-off workshop – the first all-FONDA meeting. Sadly we have to go online. Pictures can be found in the WiKi. Very interesting keynotes from two of our Mercator fellows:

  • Boris Glavic: Provenance and Uncertainty Management in Data Curation and Analysis Workflows
  • Caroline Jay: Designing an API is a Human-Computer Interaction Problem

03.11.2020 Lecture series winter starts

We start our first lecture series. Every PI of FONDA will present his or her research area.

26.10.2020 SAB meeting

FONDA presents its plans and the current status with the members of our Scientific Advisory Board. Very interesting discussions.

01.07.2020 FONDA starts