In FONDA, 19 PIs from 9 institutions collaboratively work in 12 subprojects spanning three interconnected core areas of activities, all addressing fundamental research in the domain of Data Analysis Workflows (DAW).

FONDA’s Research Areas
  • Research Area A: Abstractions for DAW Specification Languages comprises six subprojects that research novel abstractions for DAW specification languages and how they are turned into logical and physical plans by a DAW engine.
  • Research Area B: Abstractions for DAW Execution Infrastructures comprises six subprojects that research novel abstractions for the computational infrastructures underlying a DAW engine, which encompasses DAW execution engines, schedulers, resource managers, and configuration of the underlying network.
  • Area S: Central Service and Administration Projects comprises service projects and an administrative project.

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Partners in FONDA

Across these research areas, our PIs assemble various different perspectives onto data analysis workflows and their application in the life sciences. In each subproject, interdisciplinary teams investigate particular aspects of the subproject’s respective research area. Our 19 PIs come from 9 institutions:

FONDA Scientists