Prof. Knut Reinert

Algorithmic Bioinformatics


Knut Reinert is a professor for Algorithmic Bioinformatics at the Institute for Computer Science of Freie Universität Berlin. His group develops and maintains the C++ library SeqAn for efficient Sequence Analysis in Bioinformatics, one of the world-wide leading software libraries of methods for efficiently indexing and searching genomes. SeqAn is the basis for many tools used in DAWs for sequence analysis and integrates components for data compression and a new DREAM (Dynamic seaRchablE pArallel coMpressed index) frame- work for distributing similarity searches on various, local or remotely available, compressed or un-compressed indices. SeqAn 3.0, which was released in June 2019, is a redesign of the SeqAn library using modern concepts of C++14, C++17, and C++20. It caters for parallel and vectorized computing (SeqAn was supported by Intel in an IPCC).

Knut Reinert will co-lead (deputy coordinator) the research training group (together with Lars Grunske,) and will be additionally responsible as the deputy speaker of the IRTG to resolve conflicts between the PhD students and their supervisor.

Knut Reinert is the deputy speaker of the IRTG (S2) and principal investigator in subprojects A2.