BER Data Science

BER Data Science (BER-DS) is a mailing list maintained by the Collaborative Research Center 1404 FONDA. It is devoted to announcements in the field of data science research affecting the Berlin/Brandenburg (BER) area. The list is moderated; subscription is free and open.

Submitting to the list

Everybody can send messages to the list by sending them to

Types of announcements

BER-DS forwards mails regarding announcements in the general field of data science research in the BER area. This includes:

  • Announcements of scientific presentations, webinars, and tutorials 
  • Announcements of scientific workshops, symposia, or conferences
  • Academic job announcements in data science research world-wide (from professorships over researcher positions at all levels to student assistants)
  • Call for papers and invitations to international workshops or conferences 
  • Other topics of scientific interest with respect to data science

We will not forward commercial job announcements, marketing material, mails of individuals looking for a job, mails containing any kind of personal information, or commercial offers for training / educational material. Depending on the development of the number of posts, further restrictions might be defined in the future.

Data science

BER-DS interprets “data science” in a liberal and inclusive way; for instance, we consider the following topic to be related to data science:

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Data engineering and data management
  • Scientific data analysis and scientific computing
  • Big Data, distributed systems, workflows, and cloud/grid
  • Research software engineering
  • Applications of data science in all scientific fields, such as medicine, biology, physics, geography, chemistry, astronomy, earth science, digital humanities, sustainability research, eCommerce, eGovernment, etc.

Data science is a thriving topic in the BER area, driven by a rich environment of universities, non-university research organizations, start-ups, and small-medium-large companies. A multitude of large research projects and dedicated organizations exist, leading to a vast offer and strong demand in terms of presentations, workshops, trainings, jobs, events etc. Currently, there is no central list where research-oriented announcements in this field can be forwarded to the Berlin / Brandenburg data science community, leading to frequent cross-postings and missed opportunities. BER-DS fills this gap and aims to offer a one-stop mailing list for activities regarding data science that are relevant for the BER area.