FONDA x Workflows Community Initiative

Since FONDA’s research is focussed on the area of Data Analysis Workflows, we are interested in working with researchers from the community. Therefore, we are especially grateful to spotlight our ongoing collaboration with the Workflows Community Initiative. The Workflows Community Initiative (WCI) is a community-centered effort for gathering and promoting long-standing and recent community-focused efforts. Learn More about WCI here.


We are happy to share that FONDA is a partner of METIS. METIS is a freely available website project providing advice on how to promote gender equality, family friendliness, diversity, and anti-discrimination in research alliances at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and at Charité. Learn more about METIS here.

Dynamic Distributed Physical Design for Database Systems

FONDA invites you to the presentation Dynamic Distributed Physical Design for Database Systems by Khuzaima Daudjee (University of Waterloo) on 27th June 2023, 15:00. The presentation is at Großer Seminarraum (Room 219/220), Albert-Einsteinstrasse 9, Berlin (Adlershof).


Database workloads can be varying, placing changing demands on a system. To meet this challenge, a distributed database system can adjust its physical design, i.e., its data mastering, replication and partitioning schemes to deliver good performance.  I will present MorphoSys, a distributed database system we have built that caters to workload shifts and changes through autonomous metamorphosis of its distributed physical design.


Khuzaima Daudjee is a professor at the University of Waterloo.  His research interests are in designing and building large-scale data systems and on providing systems-level support for applications such as streaming, graph processing and machine learning.  His work has led to several awards including Best Paper Award at ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing and ACM SIGMOD Best Demonstration Awards.  He is an ACM Distinguished Scientist.