Research Areas and Subprojects

Research Area A: Abstractions for DAW Specification Languages

This research area comprises six subprojects that research novel abstractions for DAW specification languages and how they are turned into logical and physical plans by a DAW engine. The aim of all subprojects is to increase the level of portability, adaptability, and dependability of DAWs, DAW specification languages, and DAW engines. All subprojects within this area (except A1) are interdisciplinary, i.e., have one PI from Computer Science and one from a Natural Science.

  • A1: Foundations of Data Analysis Workflow Validation (Schweikardt, Weidlich)
  • A2: Adapting Genomic Data Analysis Workflows for Different Data Access Patterns (Leser, Reinert)
  • A3: Deriving Trust Levels for Multi-Choice Data Analysis Workflows (Draxl, Grunske)
  • A5: Dependability, Adaptability and Uncertainty Quantification for Data Analysis Workflows in Large-Scale Biomedical Image Analysis (Kainmüller, Ritter)
  • A6: Data Analysis Workflows for Interactive Scientific Exploration (Kehr, Weidlich)

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Research Area B: Abstractions for DAW Execution Infrastructures

This research area comprises six subprojects that research novel abstractions for the computational infrastructures underlying a DAW engine, which encompasses DAW execution engines, schedulers, resource managers, and configuration of the underlying network. The focus of subprojects in this area is on improving PAD compliance of infrastructures and DAW execution engines.

  • B1: Scheduling and Adaptive Execution of Data Analysis Workflows across Heterogeneous Infrastructures (Kao, Meyerhenke)
  • B2: Portable and Adaptive Data Analysis Workflows for Real-Time 3D Vision (Eisert, Koch)
  • B3: Debugging Distributed Data Analysis Workflows (Kehrer, Markl)
  • B4: Exploiting Software-Defined Networks for Efficient Data Management in Next-Generation Data Analysis Workflows (Reinefeld, Scheuermann)
  • B5: Adaptive, Distributed and Scalable Analysis of Massive Satellite Data (Hostert, Leser)
  • B6: Distributed Run-Time Monitoring and Control of Data Analysis Workflows (Grunske, Rabl)

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Area S: Central Service and Administration Projects

This area comprises service projects and administrative projects. Subproject S1 maintains and provides several testbeds for DAW development and repositories of real-life DAWs and real-life provenance traces.

  • S1: Testbeds and Repositories (Kao, Leser)
  • S2: Integrated Research Training Group (Grunske, Reinert)

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FONDA uses the concept of Teams to organize cross-cutting research interests. In concrete, we have the following teams:

  • T1: Foundations for DAW Specifications
  • T2: Provenance Management for DAWs
  • T3: Validity Constraints for DAWs
  • T4: Visual Monitoring of DAWs
  • T5: DAW Benchmarking